Welcome to the Second Intergenerational Transmission of Minority Languages Symposium: Community Matters
A free asynchronous symposium, available online from 12 December 2016.

Convened by Una Cunningham and Jeanette King, University of Canterbury. This symposium is entirely online and asynchronous. There is no fee to view, or download  the presentations. The comments function has closed.  This proceedings site has been moved to its current location by Una Cunningham, Uppsala University, to ensure it will continue to be available to readers and viewers.

Live contributions at University of Canterbury on 12 December 2016


Remote contributions

Ewan Pohe: Intragenerational immersion retreats: A Te Reo parent community of practice.

Andrea Schalley & Susana Eisenchlas: Intergenerational transmission of home languages in Australia – An uphill battle?

Shelley K. Taylor,  Jennifer A. Kozak, Sohel Chowdhury & Lina Dallal-Bachi: Translanguaging in identity texts for intergenerational transmission of Bengali, Farsi & Arabic: Canadian perspectives

Debmalya Biswas: Intergenerational transmission of Tinkarlo: A sociolinguistic scrutiny with regard to its inventory of conjunct verbs

Uldanai Bakhtikireeva & Olga Valikova: Translanguaging in Russia: Russian as a communicative bridge  for minority languages and cultures

Moira Saltzman: South Korean language policy and the erasure of Jejueo