Welcome to the Fourth Intergenerational Transmission of Minority Languages Symposium: Language and Identity

A free asynchronous symposium, online from Monday 10 December 2018. Comments function until 31 December 2018.

Convened by Una Cunningham, Uppsala University and Jeanette King, University of Canterbury

We welcome researchers, students, teachers and community members who are interested in the challenges and benefits of Intergenerational transmission of minority languages to this fourth international Symposium. This year’s symposium is again entirely online and asynchronous. There is no fee to view, download or comment on the presentations.

At the end of the page for each presentation there is provision for comments, questions, responses, and discussion. The presentations will be available indefinitely, with Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 licensing, which makes them available to a much wider audience of researchers, students and interested community members and policy makers than would otherwise be reached.

Symposium presentations
The Sardinian literary spring and intergenerational transmission

Valentina Concu

Supporting intergenerational language transmission through the physical and digital landscapes of early childhood centres: A necessity for equity today

Niki Davis, Leona Harris and the Emergent Bilinguals in the Digital World research team

Translanguaging and intergenerational transmission:  Effective tools for the maintenance of language and identity

Irina Gvelesiani and Eteri Mumladze

“Acadian” in the Saint John Valley, Maine: Mother tongue or marketing?

Carly Bahler

Reported linguistic practices among high school students studying mother tongues/ community languages in Sweden and Australia

Anne Reath Warren

Intergenerational transmission of traditional Arabic dialects in Israel

Letizia Cerqueglini

Development of minority language literacy at home: The case of an Arabic-English speaking family

Fatma Said & Fatimah AlGhamdi