Book review guidelines

Guidelines for Book Reviewers

The aim of our Book Notes is to provide a forum for researchers to share their perceptions about new publications that contribute to home language theory, research and/or practice. While we normally invite reviews, we will consider unsolicited reviews.  Please feel free to send unsolicited reviews to We offer the following template for you to consider as you prepare your review:

Heading and Signature

Title in full, author, place, publisher, date of publication, edition, number of pages, and ISBN.  Followed by name of reviewer and institutional affiliation.


The review should begin with an introduction to the topic and an overview of the content of the book.  What is your main point in presenting this review?  Describe the background and qualifications of the author.  Who is the author’s intended audience?  What is the author’s purpose?  What is the author’s main thesis?

Quality of content

How effective is the author’s method of developing their argument?    What are the book’s major strengths and weaknesses?  How does it compare with other works on the same subject?  Does the book make a meaningful contribution to theory, research and/or best practice?

Overall impression

What are your overall comments and conclusions about the book?  Why or why not would you recommend the book to others? What is your overall assessment of the book?

Additional points

Provide support for your statements about the book in the form of examples. Are there any noteworthy statements or wording quotations you could cite to illustrate various points in your review?  When quoting from the book, add the page number in parentheses immediately following the quote.  Do not exceed 1,000-1,500 words.